About Us


Simply stated, we are in love with Breuzinho!

Breu Branco, or Breuzinho, as it is endearingly called in Brazil, is a majestic tree native to the Amazon rainforest. It is commonly known as Brazilian Frankincense.

The Breu (Protium Heptaphyllum) tree naturally secretes an aromatic oleoresin, when an insect burrows a hole on its bark. The resin is sustainably and responsibly harvested, as the Breu tree is a Non-Timber Forest Product. 

Breu Co. is introducing the amazing Breu Branco, presenting its benefits and traditional uses from the Amazon rainforest to the world.

Breu Branco essential oil is a potent and unique highly aromatic oil with fresh citrusy notes, is traditionally used in the Amazon rainforest for its natural antiseptic and analgesic properties. For time immemorial it has been used in sacred ceremonies and mystical rituals for energetic cleansing and spiritual connections. Deep meditation practices may be enhanced by a few drops of our Breuzinho essential oil in a diffuser.

Our mission is to bring the power of Nature of the rainforest into awareness and to integrate its Force into our daily lives, inspiring every moment with fresh, clean, and creative energy with the high vibration of Breuzinho.

Wake up and smell the rainforest!