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Breu Co.

Breu Resin Pouch

Breu Resin Pouch

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Burn some precious  Breu Branco resin for a luxurious scent and clear energy in your favorite sacred space!

0.5 oz Breu Branco resin in muslin pouch.

Burn responsibly: hold charcoal disc with tongs and light by holding a flame to the bottom side of the disc until it sparks. Place the disc in a metal burner or heat proof dish and wait for it to stop smoking. Place a piece of Breu resin on top of the disc when it turns gray and let it burn. Once resin is spent, add a new piece. 

WARNING: Burn within sight. Keep away from flammable objects, from children and pets. Only burn resin on charcoal on a level, fire resistant surface (i.e. metal incense burner, sand in a marble bowl). Allow to cool before moving.

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